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Nike Kids X Kybrids Summer '20 Collab

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Summer in NYC was everything more than I anticipated given where we were in March/April. Shortly after starting a new role at work, I took a few days off for a staycation. I did all my favorite things -- bike riding, dressing up, ice cream on summer evening at my fav spot in Williamsburg, and boy did we make it to the beach too!

Part of my very eventful summer was creating content with Nike Kids. The story focused on unique ways coaches & parents can keep sports a constant in kids' lives in times of change. In previous Nike projects, they send down a photo and video crew and we work closely with an agency in creating the story.

However, this time around given social distance guidelines, there was no crew. The story was captured via FaceTime photo shoot on my roof (who knew you could do that?!) and taking solo/selfie shots at my fav spots to hoop in Brooklyn. I had full autonomy to shoot the story and write content. I absolutely enjoyed the process of styling and personalizing product and bringing the story to life in my own voice and my own style.

To view the full story, download the app and follow this link --

While you're there, check out Kyrie Irving's latest Kybrids release. They're super light and easy to move in. They do run small so if you decide to grab a pair, order one size up. ;)

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