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Nike x PeacePlayers - Girls Empowerment through Hoops Panel

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The last two and a half years, I've been embedded in building and leading PeacePlayers Brooklyn, an international peace building and youth development organization creating a network of young people from all over the world using the game of basketball to advocate for their communities. On this panel, I shared my experiences - wins and challenges building a new site while adapting the PeacePlayers model to fit the Brownsville context. Our success in Brownsville rests on power of collaboration, engaging local leaders, and sharing our platform with up and coming change makers in the community. I shared the panel with youth leaders from our Middle East program and two fearless leaders in Karen from PeacePlayers Middle East and Nasiphi from PeacePlayers South Africa.

Lastly, at PeacePlayers Brooklyn, 80% of our youth are female compared to a year ago when we had zero female participation. Speaking on this panel with ten of my young ladies in attendance was important for many reasons - I want my girls to know that regardless of where they come from, that they belong in these spaces. I want them to see real life examples of young women like themselves from different parts of the world using their voices to advocate for themselves and for their communities. My girls showed up and they showed out. We left that day with a new name for our crew - #ThePeaceBaddies Check us out below!

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